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Winner of Game Concept Challenge 2015, Levall Games with Please Knock on My Door
Photo credit: Soheyl Mohammad

About the competition.

Game Concept Challenge is a competition were game concepts compete against each other. All submissions will be judged by a jury consisting of industry veterans from the Games Industry. The winners receive between 10 000 SEK and 100 000 SEK in development support depending on the project. In addition to that they will also be entered in an evaluation period for the Gameport Incubator, and have access to the incubator networks, coaching and alumnis.

The goal of this competition is to stimulate the games industry in Karlshamn and to encourage more people to take their ideas from concept to the market as finished products.

The development support is provided by Sparbanken I Karlshamns Näringslivsstiftelse and administrated by Gameport / Blekinge Business Incubator, thus participation in the Gameport process is mandatory. More information about this will be issued via mail when interest is expressed.


Judging Criteria.

Each game will be scored 1-5 on each of the criteria mentioned below, and tallied to give a total score out of a maximum 25 points.

Your game will be judged on:

Fun Factor – is it mechanically interesting/fun?

Visual Appeal – Is it visually stimulating?

Originality – Has it been done before?

Is it possible to finish within 12 months?

Is it commercially viable? – is there a market for this type of game?

Games that are in a playable state will be valued higher than games that are not – so if you can deliver a slice with 10-15 minutes of gameplay you will have an advantage over a concept of equal strength. A strong concept can still be valued higher than a weak, but playable, concept.


Terms and condition.

By submitting this application you agree to the following terms.

Participants must have, or be willing to start, a company (AB) in Karlshamn. The game can’t be released prior to the competition. You own all the rights to the project. There can’t be excessive violence and or nudity in the game. An applicant or group of applicants can submit only one entry. The game needs to be able to be finished within 12 months. A reference to Game Concept Challenge and its sponsors needs to be in the “Credits menu” or a similar place. Everything submitted to the competition except for information under “Additional information” can be published anywhere by the arrangers of Game Concept Challenge. If you plan on entering the competition please send an e-mail to as soon as possible so that you get everything you need to submit your game.


Materials that needs to be submitted.

The submission should consist off:
– Production plan, a roadmap for the production from start to release.
– Budget, a projection of costs for your project. Including the burnrate for your team.
– Playable prototype and/or a video showing off the main mechanics and gameplay.
– Game Design Document, including project name, team name and contact information, 5 screenshots or concept material, description of the mechanics and a breakdown of the game. Maximum 3 pages + pictures.

All material should be presented in English. Submission examples will be made available to the applicants.



Submit your entry to the drive folder. If you don’t have the access to the folder; contact for the details.

Information as PDF (Swedish)